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According to her mother, Brianna Mancini has been a photographer since she was a child. Brianna has been working in photography and videography in New York since 2016.

Brianna’s portrait photography can be described as casual and genuine, soft and real. Her goal is to not only capture her subject’s physical appearance, but more importantly, their personality. The authenticity of a smile, the comfort of the location and surroundings are all details that Brianna takes into careful consideration while retaining a natural tone with an almost candid or voyeuristic feel.  

"I enjoy doing creative portrait photography because I guess I feel that the way I shoot, is the way the people who love you see you. Tossing your head back in laughter on the bed, one leg up on the couch,  the way people look when they are truly comfortable, relaxed, it will always be the way I want to photograph them.”

I say I am a natural light fetishist. Maybe it is because I lived in a basement apartment for too long. But a major reason for that is that it keeps people in a much more natural, calm state than when even just one strobe light is popping off. Having a camera in your face is a love/hate experience and I prefer to take as much anxiety away as possible. I like being stealthy when I shoot. I have techniques I’ve learned to get the women I shoot to fully relax, even for a moment and capture it without drawing attention to it. Lights give me away.  Not to say I don’t use them, there is a time and a place, but I will always prefer to paint with the suns light rather than create my own."


Brianna specializes in portraiture, editorial and creative product photography, and experiments with 35mm street photography.

Brianna Mancini has a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Video Production and an AAS in cinematography. 

Brianna Mancini

BeeRollMedia is based in New York, NY

Contact Brianna Mancini at BeeRollMedia for questions about booking a shoot or to set up a consultstion. 

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